New hotbeds of infection cloud China’s recovery

SEEN FROM ELSEWHERE – The nervousness of the authorities, who have detected more than a thousand new cases in the country, is palpable in Wuhan, the city where the pandemic began almost a year ago.

Par Macarena Vidal Liy (The country)

Zhao, a 33-year-old executive, dressed in a crisp jacket and cropped hair, wears his mask well as he walks through Han Street, one of Wuhan’s most popular shopping areas. He tries to choose where to dine among a dozen restaurants. Before speaking, he readjusts his mask. “I’m a little scared, that’s why I’m wearing the mask again and trying to disinfect my hands regularly”, he admits, pulling on his mask again to make sure it doesn’t fall.

The young executive refers to the Covid epidemics that have appeared in recent weeks in China, bringing the number of infections to more than a thousand in the country. This figure, which had not officially been reached since the spring of 2020, triggered the alert of the Chinese authorities, they who have continued to proclaim since last summer the success of the country in the fight against the coronavirus.

The proximity of two key dates contributes

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