We at MeinMMO are unveiling a new card from the upcoming Hearthstone expansion, “Split in Alterac Valley”. See what paladins can look forward to.

Even if Hearthstone only received the new mercenary mode and a small mini-set for the last expansion a few weeks ago, the next set is already in the starting blocks. With 135 new cards there is also a lot to offer in “Split in Alterac Valley” and numerous improvements for existing decks and suggestions for completely new ark types are offered.

This time we are also exclusively unveiling one of the new cards that you can pull out of packs in just a few weeks.

New Paladin Servant: Brass Wings

One of the new cards for paladins in “Split in Alterac Valley” will be the “Brasswing”. This is a dragon that will appear late in the game, because it costs a proud 8 mana and comes with solid values ​​of 9 attack and 7 life points. It’s also epic in quality – so it may take you a while to pull it out of card packs.

In addition, there is an effect that is carried out at the end of each own turn: the brass wing inflicts 2 damage to all enemies.

But that’s not all. The “Honorable Victory” effect is also included and, when activated, heals the owner of the brass wing for 4 life points.

What is “Honorable Victory”?
The catchphrase “Honorable Victory” is new with the “Split in Alterac Valley” expansion and can be found on a number of maps. The catchphrase always comes together with a certain effect, which is always positive for the owner of the card. For the effect to be activated, the card with “Honorable Victory” must destroy a servant with exact damage.
This means that if a servant still has 2 life points, the attacking card must cause exactly 2 damage in order for the “Honorable Victory” effect to be triggered.

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What is the best way to use the brass swing arm? Although the brass swingarm is quite expensive with 8 mana, it fulfills several purposes and is very versatile. Because in addition to its powerful values, which make it a real threat on the battlefield, it fulfills even more functions:

  • Quite a strong area effect that can clean up the battlefield.
  • A built-in heal that restores 4 life points to the paladin every time that the exact damage is done.

Quite apart from that, the brass swing arm can of course also play a role as an “emergency finisher” if the opposing hero only has 1 or 2 life points left. After all, the effect also hits the enemy hero at the end of the turn.

If you do it skillfully and prepare the battlefield accordingly – or have around 7 treants of a druid in front of you – you can restore a whopping 28 points of life in a single move with the brass wing and thus heal yourself almost completely.

In most cases, of course, the brass wing will not be able to heal 28 life points. But just a healing of 4, 8 or 12 in connection with defeating a few servants can turn the game around and thwart the fatal “finisher” of the opponent.

When does the new expansion appear? The new extension will appear in a few weeks. The new card set will be released on December 7th. This usually happens in the early evening hours. Until then, the remaining cards will also be revealed.

What do you think of the “Brass Swing” card? A cool addition to a lot of paladin decks? Or much too situational to be able to really develop a benefit?

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We have presented more new cards from the upcoming expansion here.

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