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“I have a mission until 2027 in Frankfurt. I’m not used to abandoning during construction. There are other people who are much more competent than me to do that job ». With these words the former director of the International Monetary Fund and current president of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde, in January she rejected rumors in France Interi that indicated her as the future prime minister of a possible Macron II. It was the main French business newspaper, Les Echos, to circulate the rumor at the beginning of the year: the former president Nicolas Sarkozy, in great relations with Emmanuel Macron, he would have whispered to the latter the name of his former Minister of Economy as the perfect figure to lead the government and carry out the work of Jean Castex. Last April 14, when asked again about the Matignon hypothesis, the seat of the French government, she dodged the question. But it is undeniable that its international stature would be very convenient for macronia, especially for negotiations at the community level.

Some observers, however, point out that the technocratic side could play against him in the final choice, together with the absence of green sensitivity on which Macron has insisted a lot in the last campaign meetings. “My next prime minister will be directly in charge of ecological planning,” Macron said in Marseille on April 16. Castex’s future replacement will be joined by two key environmental ministers: on the one hand, a Minister of Energy Planning, whose mission will be to make France the first major nation to get out of oil, gas and coal. ; on the other, a minister in charge of territorial ecological planning.

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The other name circulating with insistence for the post of prime minister is that of Elisabeth Borne, current Minister of Labor, after having been the Minister of Transport and Ecological Transition. A woman, with a green fiber, raised on the left, Borne seems to have all the credentials.
Borne’s admirers highlight her rigor and firmness inherited from her time as prefect of the Poitou-Charentes Region, as well as the expertise in the management of the dossiers she has had in her hands in the past five years. The detractors, on the other hand, pointed out the same flaws that risk distancing the Lagarde banker from Matignon: she is too technocrat and algid.

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41-year-old Julien Denormandie, current Minister of Agriculture, appears among the Macron boys in search of the great promotion at the helm of the executive. Pasdaran di Macron since the time when the latter was Hollande’s Minister of Economy, Denormandie is considered a hard worker, little talk and a lot of concreteness. “He is Macron’s favorite son,” say the well-informed. And again: «Julien has many ideas. He is one of the rare people who allows himself to contradict the president and the latter listens to him ». And the Mélenchon hypothesis? Everything will depend on the legislative elections. The Jacobin tribune, sisa, would like to “impose” his appointment as prime minister on Macron and for this reason he has started close negotiations with the other left forces: with the aim of creating a common front and subsequently an intergroup at the National Assembly. The path, however, is an uphill one. As reported yesterday by BfmTv, the participants in the first negotiations started between the France insoumise of Mélenchon, the environmentalists of Europe Ecologie Les Verts of Yannick Jadot and the Communist Party of Fabien Roussel have evoked a “great uncertainty” about the outcome of the negotiations. of divergences and profound divisions on certain issues such as the environment, Europe and geopolitics.



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