New Fiat Panda: here is the latest news

Over the next few years, the range of Fiat will be enriched with the arrival of one new Fiat Panda. This will be an extremely different car from the current model. First of all because it will change segment ending up in segment B of the market and secondly because there will be a radical change of design with evident inspiration from the concept car Fiat Centoventi. The latest news relating to the new Fiat Panda, however, concern its engines.

Will the new Fiat Panda be electric only in the future?

If there was no doubt that the car in the future will have at least one fully electric version, the last words of the global head of Fiat Oliver francois they suggest that in reality the new Fiat Panda, when it finally arrives on the market in the next few years, can be offered only and exclusively in a 100% electric version. Francois said that by 2030 the entire range of Fiat it will consist of fully electric cars. This is also to differentiate the Turin brand from other mass brands present within the Stellantis group.

Therefore the new Fiat Panda which should not arrive before 2025 could anticipate the new Fiat trend and arrive on the market only in zero-emission versions. Probably at that point the car will be offered with different variants that will differ not for the propulsion technology but for the different autonomy and power offered by the engine and batteries.

The official confirmation that the new Fiat Panda the Stellantis group will arrive on the market in an exclusively electric version by the end of the year with the new industrial plan relating to its brands and in particular to the Turin-based car manufacturer.

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New Fiat Panda: will the next generation arrive on the market only and exclusively in a fully electric version?

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