In a new blog post, the developers of Fallout 76 have promised a “major new feature” for the upcoming update. They didn’t want to reveal what exactly it will be yet, but there are already indications.

What new feature is coming? In the latest “From the Vault”, the developers talk about the future of Fallout 76 (via There are two time-limited events to be found there and also a puzzling message.

For the next big update, the devs are planning a “major new feature”, but will not reveal what it is. We at MeinMMO suspect: there will be private worlds for everyone, at no additional cost.

How likely is that? The blog post says that players can experience Fallout 76 “in an even more diverse way” with the feature and that the “next big update” is planned for September. This update would be the autumn update “The worlds are changing”. There are two big features on the Fallout 76 roadmap for Update:

  • the “next level of private worlds”
  • Extension for daily operations

Since the release of Fallout 76, players have been asking to be able to play in private worlds. Other survival games often offer such services via their own servers, which can be rented from third-party providers.

The autumn update is supposed to bring “the next level of the private worlds”.

Private worlds are currently only available in the paid Fallout 1st subscription, which has been discussed controversially. However, since many players wish to experience Appalachia on their own – like a “real Fallout” – private worlds would be a step towards community desire for everyone.

Since there are now tons of NPCs in Fallout 76 with their own stories and even factions that you work for, the MMO has more and more features of the classic Fallout parts. This also suggests that single-player fans could be picked up again with solo worlds.

Fallout 76 on Private Worlds: “We understand this is not what you expected”

Private worlds for everyone? Roadmap speaks for it

What else would be possible? The NPCs in the game are another starting point for a new feature. Traditionally, the Fallout games have factions that you can do jobs for – or that you wipe out as a player.

The decisions have an influence on the story and the ending, in some cases two factions are even mutually exclusive, so the game experience can be significantly different.

Fallout 76 now has two factions with which you can gain reputation: Raiders and Settlers. In addition, the Brotherhood of Steel is in play, but not yet “farmable”. Other largely unused factions are the responders and the enclave. Enough space to give players decision making.

In the reddit of Fallout 76, there is hardly any discussion about the possible feature. A few players joke that there will be new skins for under-used weapons (via It is much more important to the players that problems such as server lags, crashes and exploits are resolved.

When is there more information? We will shortly explain in more detail what new feature the announcement is about. You will also have the opportunity to play the feature on the test server in advance and give feedback.

The test server will open its doors again in July and you can join it on the PC. If you want to wait that long or keep looking around in the genre, you will find the best survival games for PC, PlayStation and Xbox right now in our list.