New earthquake in Florida; Neighbors said the ground was “shaking” and there was “a strange noise”" as="style"/>" media="print" onload=""all""/>"/>News"/>New earthquake in Florida; Neighbors said the ground was “shaking” and there was “a strange noise”"/>

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The researcher at the Institute of Geological Sciences of the Faculty of Sciences, Leda Sánchez, told El Observador that the recurrence of earthquakes in Florida is due to the “reactivation of old faults.”

Field in Florida

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November 27, 2022 at 18:34

A new earthquake occurred in Florida, according to CW33 Radio Florida, based on testimonies from residents of Parada Urioste, Talita, San Gerónimo, Picada Larga and Palermo who reported a tremor and “a strange noise”..

The mayor of the department, Guillermo López, confirmed The Observer that the area was “shaking”, and that they hope to have a report by this Sunday evening. The researcher from the Institute of Geological Sciences of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Leda Sánchez, said that she had already observed the phenomenon in three sensors, and hoped to examine the data more during the night.

A similar event occurred on the morning of Saturday 8 May last year when residents of Molles del Timote and nearby areas spoke of at least two “explosions” related to earth movements. Sánchez estimated a level for that earthquake 3.8 on the Richter seismological scalealso known as the local magnitude (ML) scale.

The expert estimates in dialogue with The Observer that the recurrence of earthquakes in the vicinity of Florida may be due to “reactivation of old faults” in earth movements.

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Police authorities will investigate the cause of death.

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