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The Eastern Company for Tobacco in Egypt decided to take an urgent decision to increase the production of cigarettes by 40 percent for distribution to the local markets, according to the “Cairo 24” news website.

This came after a significant increase in the prices of cigarettes during the last period, as the prices of Cleopatra cigarettes reached historical levels during the last period.

And the Eastern Tobacco Company resorted to increasing production to raise production and pumping in the markets, and to increase the supply in abundance, as the amount of distribution exceeded about 150 million cigarettes per day in the markets in various governorates.

This came in an attempt to control the high prices of cigarettes and the greed of merchants, and to raise production and pumping into the local markets, as the price of cigarettes fell by 20 pounds, to become the price of a pack of 40 pounds, after a significant increase recently.

The decline in cigarette prices came due to the decision of the Eastern Tobacco Company to increase production, and the presence of market surveillance to follow up and prevent the greed of merchants.

Engineer Hani Aman, CEO of the Eastern Company, revealed that the Eastern Company cooperates with various agencies to review the quantities disbursed, and to ensure that they are properly distributed to the public to cover the needs of consumers and meet the needs of the market.

It is noteworthy that the Eastern Tobacco Company increased the amount of production by 15% to meet the needs of the local market, and then resorted to raising production again by 25% to cover the needs of citizens.

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