New cast addition for Ironheart, Jackson relies on Fury instead of Oscar

at Ironheart the news is gradually trickling in front of you and for example, in the past few hours, news has trickled in that Manny Montana has booked a role in the series. You may know him from his recurring role Mayans M.C. and soon we will put him in Westworld Watch season 4.

Montana’s part is going to slow down Deadline– Acting information about a main rolebut it remains a secret which one it is and it is therefore also unclear whether his role comes from the comic template or was created specifically for the series.

Samuel L. Jackson: Nick Fury vor Oscar

For another Marvel-Series returns Samuel L. Jackson known to be back. Marvels Secret Invasion brings Nick Fury into play again and the actor prefers that to an Oscar, he recently revealed in an interview with the Los Angeles Times leak out.

Apart from his honorary Oscar, Jackson has had to do without the coveted trophy so far. But that doesn’t make him sad at all. Personally, he never saw the Oscar as a measure of success. He defines success as being satisfied with what he is doing. He doesn’t run after awards with films and doesn’t book films just because he might then get an Oscar for it. He would rather play Nick Fury or wield a lightsaber as Mace Windu than rush after an Oscar.

The actor, who has already done so in the past, adds this Marvel– Defended films against criticism, saying that he likes to make films that he would have liked to see when he was a child. He wanted to make films that would tear people out of their everyday lives and at least he could claim that his sayings would make it onto T-shirts. Other actors would work their whole lives and no one could even quote a quote from them.

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Accordingly, he concludes that he can live with the films he does because he is happy with himself – and people would even go to the cinema to see how crazy he was this time or how often he said “motherfucker”. .



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