He had made it clear to him in April, when the coronavirus crisis began to be reflected in the polls. “I’m not going to lose to Joe Biden!” He yelled angrily during a conference call. After such a warning, Brad Parscale still made an unforgivable mistake: He promised a million people for the Tulsa (Oklahoma) rally with which Donald Trump relaunched his campaign last month, but put in just over 6,000. The auditorium was empty on television, an insult to the camera lover.

“He screwed it up and knows it,” said another of his advisers. The fact that the followers of the Tik Tok application had deceived him, requesting tickets without intending to attend, did not excuse him. Since then, the head of Trump’s re-election campaign, Brad Parscale, had been relegated, until the president announced on Wednesday night on Facebook. his replacement by another close collaborator who also worked with him in 2016, Bill Stepien.

Proof that Parscale is a friend of the family was the loving way in which the Republican leader fired him. “Parscale, who has been with me for a long time, has led tremendous digital strategy and data work, so he will remain in that role.” It was his son-in-law, who according to all sources is at the forefront of the reelection efforts, who transmitted the news to him. Trump already fired his campaign manager twice in 2016. This time he is willing to get involved in driving himself and to follow his own instincts to avoid what is clearly beginning to be an uphill journey.


No one underestimates him. His lack of scruples and his ability to connect with the most basic instincts of voters have earned him victories that nobody expected, but four months after the November elections he is ten or eleven points behind his rival, Joe Biden. The coronavirus crisis does not subside in the United States, so it will not be able to overcome the economy either.

Stepien was already campaign manager for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and worked in his administration until the ‘Bridgegate’ scandal, but was saved from the investigation. He has experience in presidential campaigns, having worked in John McCain’s in 2008 and before in New Hampshire with George W Bush in 2004.

He worked in the White House as a political director and had major disagreements with another Trump campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski. The President listened to them both. In the end he leaned over Stepien and let Lewandowski go. Stepien’s promotion to the position Lewandowski once held is his last victory. “The president is a very results-oriented president,” he told CNN three years ago. “He wants to see who wins.” That will be your challenge now.