New BTP Italia, here’s what it will make: updated prices

The Italian population tends to be a little “reluctant” to the concept of savings, probably due to a lack of trust in institutions but also partly due to a form of lack of sense of responsibility that is part, according to many scholars, of Italic culture. Yet there are many Italians who decide to focus on different forms of investment, with the most diversified intentions possible. Of course, investing in stocks, businesses and other forms of currencies show risks, but in crisis conditions such as the current one, with inflation ever higher, simply keeping the money in the account represents a solution that gradually leads to the loss of power. purchase of money. This is why instruments such as the BTP Italia, which has recently been “updated” in a new “format”, are a source of great interest.

New BTP Italia, here’s what it will make: updated prices

BTPs, ie Multi-year Treasury Bills, are a form of bond made available by the state, through the Ministry of Economy and Finance, which allow savers a relatively safe “anti-inflation” investment tool for their savings. They are instruments organized through a fixed deferred payment paid every six months, they can be issued with maturities of 3, 5, 7,10, 15, 20, 30 and 50, purchased through an auction system (usually twice a month) or on the secondary market, the MOT.

The BTP Italia constitutes a “new” form of BTP, with a maturity of 8 years which, in the face of an effective guaranteed gain of 1.60%, appears to be particularly advantageous according to various financial representatives: like any other form of financial asset, in fact, the gain ” virtual “increases with market trends, and currently this appears close to 2%, again considering those with a maturity of 8 years, ie in 2023.

In any case, the inflation factor must be considered, which appears to be slightly decreasing in this period (although remaining at high values). The taxation for the amounts invested in BTPs regardless of maturity is 12.5%, both for the interest generated and for the capital gains realized upon redemption or sale.

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