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Antoine Clerat04/03/2023 09h23  |  MIS À JOUR LE 03/03/2023 À 16h44

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    Corinne Deacon towards the exit

    The fate of the coach of the Blue seems sealed today even if she refuses to throw in the towel.

  • 2/9

    Diani can’t take any more of Deacon

    Unlike Renard, the PSG striker did not hesitate to name Deacon and demand his dismissal.

  • 3/9

    Deacon clings to his post

    Despite the pressure on her, Corinne Deacon does not plan to give up her position as coach.

  • 4/9

    Wendie Renard and Corinne Deacon

    Have the Bleues already chosen Corinne Deacon’s successor?

  • 5/9

    Will Wendie Renard return to selection?

    The international future of Wendie Renard now depends on the choice of the French authorities concerning Corinne Deacon.

  • 6/9

    Deacon and Fox

    Corinne Deacon, the coach of the France team, and her captain Wendie Renard.

  • 7/9

    Wendie Renard resigns from the French team

    The Lyonnaise has decided not to wear the national team jersey anymore, partly because of Le Graët’s attitude.

  • 8/9

    Corinne Deacon

    His case will be studied on March 9 by the FFF.

  • 9/9

    Corinne Deacon

    Leaving or not? The subject divides.

New twist within the French women’s team with the media release of a player who demands the departure of Corinne Deacon.

Corinne Deacon may cling to her position as coach, but her situation is not improving. On the contrary, the more time passes, the more the technician finds herself in an uncomfortable position. She has just been targeted by a new frontal attack from one of her players.

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Sport Deacon pushed out

A week ago, Wendie Renard, his captain, had demanded his departure. But without quoting it so as not to blame the federation. A precaution that Kadidiatou Diani did not use. The PSG player, who is part of the executives of the Blue, took the floor to ask in a way that could not be clearer for a change at the technical bar of the women’s selection.

“Today, you have to have something new because the girls can’t take it anymore! »

Like his captain, Kadidiatou Diani chose to step back from Les Bleues. Exclusively for Téléfoot, she speaks and engages in @RomBalland

Truth interview, to be discovered on Sunday, 11 a.m. pic.twitter.com/IH4uIPemM4

— Telefoot (@telefoot_TF1) March 3, 2023

Confiding in TF1 for the show Telefoot, she said: “We have already tried to discuss through our captain. We tried to make an effort, except that today it was not done. I think it’s important to have something new because the girls simply can’t take it anymore. They don’t necessarily express it, but they really do. This is what is really happening today in the France team.

The fate of Deacon will be decided on March 9 after the meeting of the executive committee. The possibility that it will continue its mission today appears more and more hypothetical. And if she were to be landed, some are already ready to succeed her. This is the case of Gérard Prêcheur, the coach of PSG, the club where … Diani plays.

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