The President of the Republic stressed that he wanted clarification “by all means”.

Mafalda Gomes

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa said, this Tuesday, that he wants a “complete explanation” and “by all means” about what happened with Novo Banco.

“What I say is that it is important that there is thorough clarification, by all means – be it jurisdictional, not jurisdictional, as understood by the competent authorities -, of what happened, namely in the recent past, in the coming years , which involves, directly or indirectly, Portuguese money, “he said at the end of a visit to the Historical Society of Independence of Portugal, in Lisbon.

The President of the Republic also stated, when asked if he had any information on the conclusion of the audit of Novo Banco, which covers the period from 200 to 2018, that he had no information at all.

“I limit myself to checking that we are on the 28th of July and it was postponed until July,” he added.