New Audi S3 has no complexes


Ehe new A3 has grown in many areas, if it were a human being, it would be said that it has matured and faithful to Audi’s custom, the design is one of the most obvious changes, however, today in its fourth generation, it is not the more significant.

This car that now arrives in Mexico and the entire North American region only in sedan format, leaving the future of the hatchback in suspense, has perfected its formula, to multiply its virtues and play in various categories, such as family, sports and even as a luxury car, without complexes.

The gods listened to us and put in our hands the S3 version, the alpha male of the pack, the one that is capable of squeezing 290 horsepower out of the 2.0-liter engine and that focuses its batteries on being as sporty as possible. to be positioned only below the RS version.

From the moment you see it, the aerodynamic details of its exterior reveal its passion for speed, but it is not until you open the door and get behind the wheel that you really realize what it is capable of, because not even the interior materials that give it a fresher and more youthful look are able to reveal the way in which this car moves when a road allows you to attack the accelerator pedal decisively.

Although tradition would tell us that if we are talking about sportsmanship, the packaging of a hatcback would be the right one, the truth is that the electronics and all the work and effort that Audi engineers have put into polishing this model did not allow us to put but to the sedan, which by the way allowed us to load the trunk with enough luggage for four people to spend a weekend away from home.

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In the city, the dimensions of this car allow it to move freely and take advantage of every available space, which we appreciated when we got stuck in a couple of traffic jams in which we took advantage of them to interact with the infotainment system and enjoy all the development that Audi has in this item.

But it wasn’t until we put all four tires on the freeway asphalt that we really realized why the firm hasn’t made the same decision as other brands to focus on the truck-only mod, as communication between the car and the driver in a vehicle like this is much more direct and close, because in a model like this it is easy to know exactly what is happening with the car, become one with the machine and not feel like you are in a doped stroller, on the contrary the The steering communicates everything that is happening with the car and the suspension, which can be adjusted between different driving modes that are modified through the Select Drive system, is a faithful ally for those who enjoy a car that knows how to follow orders.

We cannot fail to recognize that electronics, without being intrusive, is capable of delivering a vehicle that helps you, when it deems it necessary, to finish the task, making you feel as if you were a great driver, virtues that stand out at times like a strong braking, taking the car straight and without losing style. Also, the way the suspension leans into corners makes it a noble and predictable car.


A fascinating route through the Autopista del Sol, which took us from Mexico City to the Quinta Real Hotel in Acapulco, allowed us to experience the manners of a model that at times made us feel like we were riding a surfboard, a capable of overcoming the irregularities of the road without losing composure or poise, and it is that this road punishes very soft or over-assisted suspensions and condemns them to launch, causing an uncomfortable transfer of weight, something that never happened to us in the S3.

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The 295 pound-feet of torque with which the engine powered us are capable of catapulting this vehicle, making you feel powerful at all times, thanks to the fact that it is mounted on the VW group’s evolved MQB platform, which gives it structural rigidity. Very particular.

In curves it grabs like a cat, this thanks to the fact that this model is equipped with the quattro all-wheel drive, a hallmark of the house, which allowed us to attempt, on more than one occasion, against the laws of physics and get away with it. ours at the time of drawing as if we were in a race car and not in a vehicle in series production.

As in all good marriages, the good understanding between the turbocharged engine and the seven-speed S Tronic automatic transmission offers a superior ride quality to this vehicle.

It sounds redundant, but the S3, like any good Audi, takes care of the quality of the materials, the design, the assemblies and even the choice of the textures of the roof lining that, by the way, does not have a sunroof.

On board, the interior lighting can be modified and integrates screens that serve as an interface and have the latest fashion, the details in the design of the dashboard and even the seats, with a sporty look and racing car support. They are ideal complements.

In conclusion, the customization details that reach the exterior design, with a sophisticated lighting system and a huge grille in a black finish are the protagonists and crown the evolution of this S3, which today boasts of being a sports car that knows how to be fast. and furious, and when necessary also comfortable and familiar, offering one of the best cost-benefit ratios in this category of small premium sports cars.

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NAME: Inaki Echeverria.


FAVORITE FOOD: A good meat.

FAVORITE DRINK: the whisky.

HOBBIES: Musical activities such as playing the violin, guitar and singing.

FACEBOOK: Inaki Echeverria.

INSTAGRAM: @ie_actor

For Iñaki, both music and acting have been linked to his life from a very young age. “My mom used to put me to sleep every night a cassette of classical music and I have always gone to many concerts. Since I was little I entered a music school and then the conservatory with the violin, music follows me everywhere, “said the actor.

Iñaki arrived in Mexico in the midst of a pandemic and unfortunately was cancelled, however, he did not stop casting, “but in Mexico the opportunities are incredible and we continue to generate.”

The S3 is a great car, a car that looks very sporty but at the same time very elegant that we would all like to have, I really liked its design and, although it seems small, it is very agile and powerful, comfortable to ride and also It has good interior space, I loved it”.

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