New allegations against broadcaster Patricia Schlesinger

Schlesinger is said to have also used her company car with a chauffeur for private purposes. The broadcaster: “The agreement on the company car for the director says: ‘The RBB provides the director Ms. Schlesinger with a company car with a driver for business and private use.'”

Various allegations against Schlesinger

Schlesinger, who is currently also the chairwoman of the ARD community, has been exposed to various allegations for weeks that “Business Insider” had started the case. The core question is whether she and the station chief controller could have treated the possible collision of interests too laxly.

Consulting contracts for an RBB construction project and orders for Schlesinger’s husband at Messe Berlin play a role. The RBB Board of Directors Chairman Wolf-Dieter Wolf is also the chief supervisor of the state-owned trade fair. Both rejected the allegations. Investigations are underway in the houses. Wolf’s RBB office is at a standstill and the construction project is on hold.

Criticism of salary increase

Schlesinger also attracted criticism because of a salary increase of 16 percent to 303,000 euros. In the meantime, she was open to speaking to the board of directors again. There was also resentment because of official dinners, which Schlesinger organized in her function as RBB director in her private apartment in Berlin.

A display by the AfD on the RBB case had no consequences. The public prosecutor’s office in Berlin has decided not to start any investigations based on the specific complaint at this point in time. The “Tagesspiegel” first reported on it.



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