Never so many infections in Sardinia: more than half in the Nuorese. Data by province

New record of daily cases of Covid-19 in Sardinia, where almost 1,800 new infections have been recorded in the last 24 hours (Il bulletin), more than half of which in the Nuorese area.

Here is the breakdown of the 1,792 new infections, province by province, according to data from the Ministry of Health:

Cagliari: 137

Sassari: 288

Nuoro: 915

South Sardinia: 280

Oristano: 172

Based on the new data, the total cases of coronavirus recorded in the Island since the beginning of the pandemic therefore rise to 99,264, divided as follows, always province by province:

Cagliari: 29.430

Sassari: 27,868

Nuoro: 16,610

South Sardinia: 16,555

Oristano: 8,787

Out of Region: 14.

The total victims (4 were recorded in the last 24 hours) reaped by the virus at the regional level since February 2020 have instead risen to 1,748.

On the other hand, the discharged healed in Sardinia are 80,832 (+285).

Exactly one year ago – on January 10, 2021 – on the island the Covid bulletin (READ) recorded 301 new positive cases and 11 victims, while the positivity rate was 11% (today it is close to 18%), but with much less tampons (2,724, compared to over 10 thousand in the last update).

Finally, as regards hospitals, a year ago in Sardinia there were 507 people hospitalized in the medical area and 47 patients in intensive care, today there are 191 people in the medical area, while 27 patients are in intensive care.

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