Neumann retires from politics to live his son’s dream: “I wasn’t going to miss it for the world”

Convinced that the family comes before any other consideration, the New Progressive senator Henry Neumann He had no qualms about putting aside a political career to facilitate his son Günther’s dream of becoming a professional basketball player.

“Plus I wasn’t going to miss it for the world,” Neumann said.

The senator for the district of San Juan since January 2017, former electoral commissioner of the New Progressive Party, secretary of Recreation and Sports for four years, director of the National Superior Basketball (BSN) tournament for eight and former professional basketball player refers to his son, 14 years old, like his best friend, his partner.

“He’s well aware of the sacrifice we’re making,” Neumann said. “Right now my main concern is my responsibility to my son. I want to see it right, I want to set it up right, I want to guide it right and any other consideration doesn’t even cross my mind,” Neumann said. “My son is the greatest thing to me. He is my son, my best friend, my partner and I can’t leave him alone and I can’t allow him to miss out on that opportunity.”

Günther, in fact, knows his dad’s job well. He has accompanied him on walks and caravans since he was a child, he has been his official campaign voice “and he knows the sacrifice involved in reaching this position.”

“He is infinitely grateful, but his dream is to reach the next level (in basketball). That is his dream,” she recounted.

This morning, Neumann met first with the Penepé spokesman in the Senate, Thomas Rivera Schatz, to whom he gave the news about his effective resignation on June 30. Then he told his employees and this morning, between management and management to get them all jobs, he attended to The new day.

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The decision on his resignation, he said, was made about three weeks ago. However, the possibility of leaving his seat began to loom last year when Delbarton Schoola private school in New Jersey, became interested in Günther’s potential as a basketball player last summer during a tournament.

Now you’ll be an hour’s train ride away from seeing your beloved New York Yankees live.

The first alternative involved the adolescent, also outstanding academically, living with a family other than his own, but that was ruled out.

“I was playing very well. He was a very good player, but short and had a growth spurt that puts him at 14 years old at over 6′0″, Neumann said. “It’s a great school.”

Neumann indicated that it was contemplated that his wife, Luisa Del Río, move with Günther to New Jersey or that Henry himself did it, but that option was also ruled out.

“My son needs us to be with him during this stage and I don’t want to miss it either. We’re leaving as a family,” he said. Neumann has two adult children.

Neumann confessed that he leaves politics frustrated, particularly because of the poor disposition in some government agencies to achieve the things that he understands are the right ones for his district.

“Frustration. You want to achieve so many things and you see so many impediments to achieving it,” said Neumann, indicating that it would be “the easy one” to blame the Fiscal Oversight Board, an entity that he severely criticized last four years for its positions, according to him in to the detriment of the police and their retirement system.

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“There is frustration because the things that one wants are not achieved in the schools. Continue visiting schools in San Juan and seeing them in often subhuman conditions. There is also frustration in seeing police officers and not being able to tell them that they have a worthwhile pension. You work to be able to achieve these things, but you see that the days go by and the projects don’t get where they need to go… and that creates a mood of frustration”, he pointed out.

Neumann, 71, made distinctions. For example, he places high esteem on the management of the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority, but not on the management of the Department of Education.

“There are agencies and there are agencies,” Neumann said. “Education is an entity that one cannot penetrate. One points out difficulties, you take the authorities to the places that concern one and one does not see that there is that willingness to solve the problem. Instead of talking about a government in general, I prefer to go agency by agency”.



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