Network proof collects 100,000 euros at German start-up show

The lawyers started in February 2021 Katharina Bisset (37) and Michael Lanzinger (39) and the technicians Philip Omenich (30) and Thomas Schreiber (31) “Network Proof”. This is a tool they want to use to combat hate online. Insults and insults have become almost “everyday life” by now, but the team of lawyers and technicians does not want to accept that criminally relevant postings on the Internet simply get away with it. You therefore have one Evidence securing tool created that allows you to secure websites, postings and private messages with just one click to be able to present them in court.

Bisset was affected himself as a teenager

After our first report about the tool, Sony Pictures Film und Fernsehen Productions GmbH became aware of Netzbeweis. This led to the four platform operators approaching the investors of the latest season “The lion’s den(Vox News) posed to pitch their solution.

“We don’t want to give hate online a chance in court,” Lanzinger explains at the beginning of the show. Then mainly lawyer Bisset spoke. When asked, she also told the investors that she herself had been affected by hate online as a teenager. “At the time, however, these were smaller school forums without an audience of millions. In guest books on homemade websites…” Bisset said.

This is how the network proof team appeared on the show “The Lion’s Den”.

read hate messages

The show was broadcast live by the entrepreneur Judith Williams hate messages and death threats prepared by the team. The following question “Is that real?” could only be answered in the affirmative. With network proof, postings from social media platforms such as Twitter can be automated in one electronically signed PDF save with timestamp. This gives them more evidence in court.

The service is aimed at private individuals who use the tool for free can use, as well as to lawyers who pay a small fee for it pay feeif you want to save postings for your clients in this way.

Who invested in the legal tech start-up

The difference to conventional screenshots is that in this case the exact time stamp, which is important and indispensable for courts, is usually missing. By network evidence is clearly understandablewhen something was sent. In the German start-up show, the Netzbeweis team was able to convince three investors: Carsten Maschmeyer and Nils Glagau got together and invested 90.000 Euro for a 15 percent stake in the company.

Marschmeyer wrote a check live during the show so that the team could immediately develop the tool further. The other investors had previously refused their support because the Netzbeweis team had declared that they would not completely give up their legal jobs as lawyers even after an investment and that they only wanted to continue the project “on the side”.

Marschmeyer said: “You are not an investment case, but if only a depression or a suicide is prevented, then that is mega worthwhile.” Nico Rosberg announced its full social media support of the platform. After the investment of the other two gentlemen, he then laid 10.000 Euro on it without wanting to have shares in return. The Austrian legal tech start-up Netzbeweis therefore collected 100.000 Euro at the German start-up show.

In the end, the team was able to convince 3 out of 5 investors

Preservation of evidence also from WhatsApp chats

The founders have not been idle since the investment. First, a browser extension was created that makes it possible to send private messages via WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook Messenger to secure with network proof. “That was one of the most requested features that was still missing,” explains Bisset in an interview with futurezone. In addition to Austria, the platform is now also available in Germany. “We have really big customers and sales partners there,” says Bisset.

After the successful investment commitment, the team cut back their jobs as lawyers in order to invest a lot of time in network proof. “We have put everything into the technology to make the tool even better and to develop new features,” says Bisset. Next Austria and Germany you will soon also in the Switzerland beginning.



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