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AlloCiné tells you which series are coming to Netflix in June 2022.


June 10: Peaky Blinders (season 6)

The end of Peaky Blinders is finally coming to Netflix! Broadcast a few months ago on the BBC, the final season of the series dedicated to the Shelby family led by the ruthless Tommy (Cillian Murphy) pays a last tribute to Helen McCrory, the interpreter of Polly who died of the consequences of cancer in 2021, before jumping back in time.

Four years after the events of the previous season, the end of Prohibition directs a Tommy who no longer drinks a drop of alcohol towards the opium trade, forcing him to ally himself with his worst enemies…

June 2: Borgen – Power and Glory

Almost 10 years after the end of Borgen, a woman in power, politician Birgitte Nyborg is back on the screen, still played by Sidse Babett Knudsen. In this new burst of episodes entitled Power and Glory, she has just been appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs when a drilling company discovers an oil deposit in Greenland.

An event that triggers an international showdown in the Arctic. Birgitte Nyborg, however seasoned, must then accept that despite her big brother relationship with Greenland, Denmark only has a supporting role in the play being played out between international superpowers.


June 22: Umbrella Academy (season 3)

The clash between Umbrella Academy and Sparrow Academy has never been closer! At the end of the second season of the super-heroic series, the Hargreeves siblings thought they had returned to their time but they discovered with dismay that they had fallen into an alternate reality where their father did not create the Umbrella Academy but the Sparrow. Academy.

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The meeting between these two opposing teams will be at the heart of the new season, which will also focus on the gender change of the character played by Elliot Page, who himself came out transgender in 2020.

June 24: Money Heist: Korea

After the international success of La Casa de Papel, Netflix decided to make a Korean remake of it. If the principle remains the same as the Spanish series, namely a spectacular robbery and hostage-taking led by a team led by a brilliant man nicknamed the Professor, Money Heist: Korea has the particularity of taking place in an alternative reality where North Korea and South Korea are now unified.

A single currency has therefore been created for this new territory, but contrary to what the Koreans hoped, this only benefits the rich. That’s why a band of outcasts embark on the biggest heist in history within the mint.



June 3: A Perfect Mother (catalogue)

Le 3 juin : Green Mothers’ Club

June 3: Surviving Summer

June 3: Mr. Good: Cop or Baron?

June 3: Wings of Ambition

June 6: My Liberation Notes

June 6: Action Team (Season 2)

June 8: Baby Fever

June 8: Keep Sweet: Pray and be quiet

June 10: First Kill

June 10: Intimacy

June 13: Charlie in Sticker Land

June 15: God’s Favorite Idiot

June 15: Maldives

June 15: In the Age of Decoys: The Internet of Crime

June 16: Love & Anarchy (season 2)

June 16: Dead End: Paranormal Park

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June 16: The World of Karma in Music: Volume 2

Le 17 juin : You Don’t Know Me

June 17: She (season 2)

June 17: Neighborhood Quarrels (Season 2)

May 18: Spriggan

June 21: What future for…

June 22: In the shoes of our animals

June 23: Queen

June 24: Alone with the bee

June 24: Angry Birds: A Crazy Summer (Season 2)

June 27: Chip and Potato: Chip’s Vacation

June 29: The Upshaw Family (season 2 – part 1)

June 29: For all the gold on the island

June 30: Toukin, the dog-shark (season 2)



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