Netflix: we know when we will have to pay for account sharing!

That’s it, you’ll have to checkout to continue sharing your Netflix account with family and friends.

In October 2022, Netflix declared war on account sharing. Too many users lend their identifiers to their loved ones, and the platform can’t take it anymore. The red N is losing more and more subscribers, and is trying to limit financial losses. Rates are increasing, a new formula with advertisements has entered the market and now a new rule that no one likes will be reinforced.

It is customary to share the large catalog of content with family and friends, whether they live under the same roof or not. Until then, no restrictions were applied by Netflix, but it could not delay any longer. After the CEO change announcement, the entertainment giant drops the sword of Damocles: billing for sharing is coming very soon. In the conditions of use of the streaming service, it is stipulated in black and white that an account can only be shared within the same household, which the platform does not hesitate to recall:

Our Terms of Service limit the use of a Netflix account to a single household, we recognize that this change is aimed at users who share their account more widely.

Installation in the spring

Our colleagues from The Verge relay this information unearthed in the latest red n financial report. Obviously, the streaming giant expects a backlash from subscribers. Even if this change results in a new loss of customers, the gain from the sharing package would obviously be enough to compensate.

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After all, this sharing will cost $3 per additional head in the United States, a substantial price when the most expensive subscription already costs $19.99 in the country of Uncle Sam. time of these lines, but it should be soon. Also according to information from The Verge, this operational change should come into effect by April at the latest.

So there are only a few months left to enjoy the Netflix account of your entourage. Will you be one of the subscribers who will jump ship once this measure is in place?



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