Netflix: the 5 best excluded from the platform

Do not miss these 5 Netflix productions that will delight video game fans.

On Netflix, subscribers can happily enjoy many mobile games, which the firm added to its catalog several months ago. With nearly 50 titles, it sometimes gets tricky to sort out the good games from the not so good, so here are 5 platform-exclusive mobile productions that are just plain awesome. For other recommendations, feel free to try these 5 amazing Netflix games and find the full list of titles right here. Note that if you’re more the type to play on PC, most of these games can be found on Steam, but you won’t find them on other mobile platforms other than Netflix.

Lucky Luna

If you like Japanese folklore, Lucky Luna should easily seduce you. In this pixel art title, you must explore dungeons and temples to learn more about Luna’s past. With its demanding mechanics and beautifully designed environments, the game succeeds in immersing you in an incredibly endearing magical universe.

Exploding Kittens

This name may already be familiar to you if you are a fan of card games. Exploding Kittens reinvents itself in an even crazier digital form. The goal is to avoid getting your face blasted by particularly pissed off (and dangerous) cats. All means are good and especially the craziest ones.

Kentucky Route Zero

Kentucky Route Zero is an adventure game in which puzzles are part of the game. You cross an underground highway and on the way meet a community of mysterious travelers who only travel by this road. Between realism and magic, the game offers you an original narration and visually very interesting graphics. The good thing is that the gameplay is very accessible and will suit all players.

Scriptic Crime Stories

To push your thinking even further, Scriptic Crime Stories is a game in which you must lead the investigation to find the culprit of a murder. For this, you have the victim’s phone and all the content on it. Records of telephone calls, messages, photos or videos, everything is good to catch the person responsible for this atrocity.

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Desta : The Memories Between

We end with a strategic RPG that should appeal to the most experienced players. Desta : The Memories Between transports you to a world where dreams are a certain door that leads to our memories. Every night, Desta relives some defining moment in his life and tries to mend his friendships and family relationships through a thoughtful ball game.



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