Stranger Things fans are ready to enjoy the new adventures of the Netflix series, there may be new faces and the return of some cast characters.

If you remember the end of the third season where several characters They lost their lives, and even from some who did not exactly see how it was lost it could be possible that they return in this fourth installment.

Stranger Things started on the right foot from its first season becoming one of the favorite series of users of the platform Netflix, according to the trailers we have seen, great surprises are expected.

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In the third season we saw the return of Dr. Sam Owens played by Paul Reiser, thanks to him Hopper was able to adopt Eleven, who was also named Director of Operations at Hawkins Lab, his character may have a major role in the upcoming season.

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Another character that many of us fell in love with and admired was precisely Hopper, because we discovered that he is alive but they took him hostage and he is in a kind of prison, in Russia, surely in the next installment will reveal important details about his past life.

“I am very excited to reveal this aspect of the character. It is one of the things that I always knew from the beginning and we have not expressed it yet. And finally it will be big,” according to the Vader portal, said David Harbor.

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It is also said that it is possible that the cast will be integrated four more characters, three teenagers and an adult could even be that the adult is played by Joel Stoffer, who participates in Agents of SHIELD, but so far there are no more details about his character.

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Do you remember who killed the adorable Alexei, so is as3sino Grigori, he may return again just like former COO Dr. Brenner that even though Demogorgon “took his life” It was never seen exactly how this happened. He is also one of the characters that most scares

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