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The streaming platform for movies and series Netflix increased its prices for users in Argentina. From October 7, new rates apply for the pioneer service for the consumption of audiovisual content over the Internet, in the midst of the increasingly tough competition offered by other applications from providers such as Disney, Amazon and HBO, among others.

“We understand that people have more entertainment options than ever before and that is why we are committed to continuing to improve the experience for our members. From October 7 we are going to change our prices so that we can continue to offer a more variety of series and movies -such as El marginal, La casa de papel and Sex Education and new films every week such as Red Alert and No look up, among many others. . As always, we offer different plan options, starting at $ 379 per month, so that people can choose the price that best suits their budget, “they said from Netflix.

Subscription plans will raise your fees on the three memberships available in the country, which are basic, standard, and premium. And the increase will be from the next billing.

“From October 7 we are going to change our prices so that we can continue to offer a greater variety of series and movies”

Users can view the information about the price increase by logging into “my account” on the streaming platform.

As for subscriptions, they will be between $ 379 and $ 939 pesos, but those prices do not include taxes on the service.

New prices (in Argentine pesos):

– Basic plan – 1 screen: $379

– Standard Plan – 2 screens and HD: $639

– Plan Premium – 4 screens and UHD $939

“Price changes will apply to all existing members in the coming weeks and to all new members”

Streaming services nationwide are taxed with 21% VAT, 8% PAIS Tax on exchange transactions and 35% advance on account of Income Tax or Personal Property Tax. Also, each province applies Gross Income (IIBB) on these consumptions, of 2% in the case of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. Once these taxes are applied, the tariff table becomes the following.

– Basic plan – 1 screen: $ 379 initial price plus $ 79.59 VAT, $ 30.32 PAIS Tax, $ 132.65 advance and $ 7.58 IIBB. Total with taxes: $629,14

– Standard Plan – 2 screens and HD: $ 639 of initial price plus $ 134.19 of VAT, $ 51.12 of PAIS Tax, $ 223.65 of advance and $ 12.78 of IIBB. Total with taxes: $1.060,74

– Plan Premium – 4 screens and UHD $ 939 initial price plus $ 197.19 of VAT, $ 75.12 of PAIS Tax, $ 328.65 of advance and $ 18.78 of IIBB. Total with taxes: $1.558,74

This final price, however, may suffer the impact of one more provincial tax that is applied if the payment is made with a credit card (it does not apply with a debit card). It is 1.2% of the total paid, which brings the prices of the 3 packages to $ 636.68, $ 1,073.46 and $ 1,577.44. Again, it only applies if the payment is by credit card, something very common. In that case, almost 40.5% of the total price corresponds to taxes.

“The price changes will apply to all existing members in the coming weeks and to all new members starting today. They will be notified by email, as well as within the Netflix app one month before the new prices apply. The exact moment will depend on the billing cycle of each one ”, explained Netflix.


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