Néstor Lorenzo: conflict of interest with businessman Lucas Jaramillo warns Carlos Antonio Vélez | Colombia selection

Ojo, Warning from Carlos Antonio Vélez about Néstor Lorenzo, the new coach of the Colombian National Team. Did the first sin find you before debuting in the Tricolor?

The journalist spoke of the Argentine coach, the process that will begin in September, the generational change that can occur with him at the helm of the National Teamand detailed something about his employer: Lucas Jaramillo.

He is represented by Lucas Jaramillo; and there I do have to say, being Lucas a man I appreciate, that there is a conflict of interest”, Vélez mentioned in his opinion column in Antenna 2.

The journalist continued: “Because Lucas represents several players, including David Ospina, and represents Lorenzo. And that, many times has not been good”, giving Deportivo Cali as an example.

“And the topic of David is the least interesting, because under normal conditions he is the Colombian goalkeeper. We have to see how many players Lucas’s company representswhich is a large company”, he warned, asking to put a magnifying glass on future calls.

Though For Vélez, the Argentine coach “is a correct person”that closeness between players, agents and coach in the National Team does not sound good to him

“I firmly believe in the responsibility of the coach, in his independence; but here there may be, if there is not already, a conflict of interest. As long as the results are given, there will be no problem; but when the results do not occur, or inexplicable calls are givenbecause the conflict of interest will appear”, he reaffirmed.

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