“The Seventh Day” presented a summary of the most important art news on the local and international side, prepared by colleague Mohamed Mahsoub and presented by colleagues, Shorouk, Jaddi and Hisham Abdel-Tawab.

The briefing at the beginning addressed the actress Sumaya Al-Khashab’s statements to “The Seventh Day”, which she said often faced harassment in the street and through social media, adding that she faces the content of messages outside the “block” praising the behavior of some stars in the recent period by exposing the molesters on social media.

She added that she differentiated those days between more than a cinematic and dramatic work, after she apologized for the movie “Saber and Radi” in front of the star Ahmed Adam, pointing out that she had not yet settled on one of them.

The star Sumaya al-Khashab said that her apology for Ahmed Adam’s movie “Saber and Rady” came because of her fear of the Corona virus, noting that she will not accept to risk her life and will not throw herself into death for work, as long as there is no reason to rush.

It also included the technical brief presented by Hour Mohamed. The star Wael Jassar singled out “The Seventh Day” with the words of his new song “Neither in Dreams”, due to be released two months later..

The words of the song say, “And what do you think about what you like … and whoever sees you and does not feel … happened in seconds, craving and money … so let me just ask and let you go .. If I pray a day with joy … you will lose my sadness immediately.”

Artist Fifi Abdo celebrated the birthday of her eldest daughter, Azza, through her account on the “Instagram” website, and published a picture of her commenting on it, saying: “Every year and you are good, O Azza, my beloved, Mama’s heart … My heart, I love you very much, wish 1,000,000 years, my age“.

And the artist Fifi Abdo had finished filming a clip with the popular singer Ismail Al-Laithy, bearing the name “Ya Shakeh Al-Ard” from the words of Shafiq Karem, composed by Tamer Karawan, music distribution by Hamada Esmat, and the engineering of the voice of Mohamed Al-Gayar.

Nermeen El-Fiqi, her followers and fans, participated in a new set of pictures of her as she wears swimsuits and flirtation in her summer vacation that she is currently spending on the shores of the northern coast.

Soon Nermin El Fakih got a lot of comments on the pictures that she posted through her personal account on the Instagram photo site, in which she appeared wearing a swimsuit and sunglasses on the beach.

Side of the technical summary for the TV of the seventh day
Side of the technical summary for the TV of the seventh day

The brief addressed the revival of the star, Mohamed Adawiya, with the participation of his father, Ahmed Adawiya, a huge concert on Saturday, August 1, to celebrate Eid Al-Adha, within the Abdeen Palace, to be displayed on YouTube. His old songs, including “Al-Tayyib Ahsan”, are presented with his father, “Al-Mawlid”, among others.

On the other hand, Adawiya expressed his happiness at the reactions he received recently on the song “Seven Sna`i”, which he presented in the sequence of the series “Omar and Diab”, starring Ali Rabee and Mustafa Khater, which was released during the last Ramadan season and achieved great success, and the song won a lot of admiration. .

Singer Ahmed Saad also shared his followers with a new image with his fiancée while they enjoyed the summer atmosphere together, through the Al-Asturi property through his account on Instagram, where the duo appeared on the sea with great happiness.

It also appeared during another image through the Al-Astori feature also in another image inside the swimming pool with which his followers participated during his summer now, and the star Ahmed Saad was revealed, earlier, through special statements to “the seventh day”, about the story of his love that he lives these days, Where he explained that he is living a new love story with supermodel Alia Bassiouny, after he got acquainted with her some time ago.

The world star Madonna shared her fans with a picture of her youth, jokingly commenting on her through her account on “Instagram”, saying: “A hungry dancer in an old dress … Looking at this picture makes me hungry.”“.

The world star Madonna is still in the stage of recovery after she had knee surgery, which has kept her out of the scene for several months, and therefore the lights have completely turned away from her, but the famous 61-year-old star had an alternative solution in order to ensure the restoration of media attention and more lights. .