Nelly Karim attacks Zina, “It is not her morals.” What is the story?

The Egyptian actress Zina was angry at what her fellow artist, Nelly Karim, said about her during a television interview with her during the month of Ramadan this year.

Nelly Karim said: “Zina is a lover and not an enemy for her, but she blamed her for the delay and failure to adhere to the dates of her attendance at the filming sites,” according to (Sputnik in Arabic).

Zina refused Nelly Karim’s statement about her, and said: “She is sure that she did not declare this, and if she wanted to inform her of this matter, it would have been through a phone call, not for the Arab peoples to know about it, and it is not from the morals of Nelly Karim to talk about her colleagues on television programs.”

Zina collaborated with Nelly Karim artistically in two works, the first is the movie “Wahed Safar” produced in 2009, directed by Kamla Abu Zekry, and the series “For the highest price”, which was shown in the month of Ramadan 2017.

Zina participated in the Ramadan 2021 drama season in the series “All in Love”, co-starring Ahmed Salah Al-Saadani and Sabreen.

While Nelly Karim competed in the same season in the series “Against Al Kasr”, co-starring Mohamed Farraj, Liqa Al Khamisi and Tara Emad.


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