Neither Morena nor opposition: they are the independent applicants for Edomex and Coahuila

In recent weeks, the electoral process to renew the governments of the State of Mexico and Coahuilaon June 4, 2023, so the question has arisen Who are the independent applicants who seek to join the fight?

Although Alejandra del Moral Vela and Delfina Gómez Álvarez are the names that resonate the most to fight for the governorship of the State of Mexico, while Armando Guadiana, Manolo Jiménez and Ricardo Mejía appear among the preferences in Coahuila, people are also interested in knowing the rest of the profiles that could appear on the list and that do not have the support of any party.

And it is that the aforementioned names are the pre-candidates of Morena, of the PT, as well as of the ‘Va por México’ coalition made up of the PRI, PAN, PRD.

Who are the independent candidates for the governorships of Edomex and Coahuila?

However, little has been said about the independent aspirants who also want to fight for the governorships of Edomex and Coahuilawhich we present below.

Last December, the General Council of the Electoral Institute of the State of Mexico (IEEM) accepted the applications of only four of the eight citizens who presented protest documents to become independent candidates for the governorship of said entity.

  • Maria del Rosario Mendoza Gomez

He lives in the municipality of Atizapán de Zaragoza and has no history of political participation in the state.

  • Jesus Ivan Pinto Medina

He is a former Treasury Secretary and former Administration and Finance Coordinator of the State of Mexico Health Institute (ISEM). Likewise, he served as general director of the entity’s Institute of Geographical, Statistical and Cadastral Information and Research and as deputy trustee director at Banobras, during the period in which Alfredo del Mazo Maza was director of said institution.

  • Abelardo Gorostleta Uribe
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He is a restaurant entrepreneur, who is originally from Toluca. This is not the first time that he seeks to compete for the governorship because in 2017 he also tried, but his dreams were frustrated when he was unable to collect the number of citizen support signatures required by law.

  • Ana Elena Medina Pacheco

The last candidate served as an electoral adviser for the IEEM municipal board in Nextlalpan in 1996.

These four applicants will have until February 12 to gather 373,000 signatures of citizen support to obtain formal registration as a candidate, and with that, be able to contend for the governorship in the State of Mexico.

On the other hand, in the case of Coahuilathe General Council of the Electoral Institute of the entity declared the writings of intent to independent candidacies of only three applicants admissible, which are:

  • Juan Cristobal Cervantes Herrera

It is not the first time that he has sought to run for public office, since in 2018 he was an independent candidate for mayor of Saltillo.

  • Fernando Rodriguez Gonzalez

He is originally from the municipality of Castaños, he is a businessman and lawyer, known for being a political operator of the former Undersecretary of Public Security, Ricardo Mejía Berdeja. He also worked as a laborer at the Altos Hornos de México company and is the founder of the non-governmental organization México Avante.

  • Roberto Quezada Aguayo

He is a founding member of the College of Historians of Coahuila, and served as president of the Municipal Steering Committee of the Convergence party in 2008, of which he was also a candidate for deputy in 2005.

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Like the applicants from the State of Mexico, the citizens of Coahuila will have until February 12 to gather the necessary support to appear on the squad.

To comply with the requirements of the law, these are the possible independent candidates who will be fighting for the governorships of the State of Mexico and Coahuilanext June 4, 2023.



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