Negrete criticized him for reaching Pumas, now Alves gives him a blow of humility" alt="Manuel Negrete / Dani Alves" data-amp-auto-lightbox-disable="" i-amphtml-ssr="" data-hero="" i-amphtml-layout="responsive">" alt="Manuel Negrete / Dani Alves" data-amp-auto-lightbox-disable="" i-amphtml-layout="responsive">
Manuel Negrete / Dani Alves


Even though the majority of the nation of Pumas They were happy with the arrival of Dani Alves, there were detractors about his signing that logically echoed in the media. One of them was the auriazul legend Manuel negretewho took a dim view of the arrival of the Brazilian since he considers that he takes a place away from a youth squad.

“Help for Liga MX, for marketing, he is a great player and has great achievements with Barcelona, ​​but as a footballer, a 39-year-old player is not that good in sports,” the former player told El Universal. Despite everything, the former player wished Alves luck in his new stage.

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Given this, Dani Alves made an action trend that surprised some of his followers, since the Brazilian winger rejected the private van to go in the bus with the rest of the team. The action was obviously applauded by the Pedregal fans since they consider that they are values ​​that represent the club.

Dani Alves started with the right foot in Pumas

The Brazilian star seemed to have everything against him, since in his debut against Mazatlán FC, since the goal of the sluggers, according to some analysts, was the product of Dani Alves’ weak mark. Despite this, the player assisted Freire to tie the local team in an agonizing way and thus rescue a point.

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