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Needs beware search on Google .. Banks in the foreground

Most of us are used to searching on Google for all the questions that concern us, from recipes and online banking or even buy medicines, and despite the importance of Google search, but it is only an online engine, where you find websites that provide you with the information you need, it is not Google has any content of its own, so, everything you look for on Google does not have to be true and accurate, as there are some prohibitions that you should not search on Google, here are the most prominent:

– Online banking websites

There are many fake bank websites on Google, it is highly recommended that you do not do a search on Google to find the bank's bank website on the Internet unless you know the address. URL The official flour.

– Not looking for corporate customer service contact numbers on Google

This is one of the most popular scams on the Internet, where scammers post fake customer service lists and numbers on websites to trick Internet users.

– Not looking for apps and programs to download

For mobile apps, always look for apps in official app stores like Google Play on Android, and the App Store for iPhone, where searching for apps on Google can lead to fake installs of apps with malicious content.

– Do not look for medications or medical symptoms on Google

Obviously, Google is not a place to search for medicines, it is strongly recommended not to skip the doctor and rely on Google search information to identify the disease, it is also dangerous to buy drugs based on the information you find on Google.

– Don't look on Google for advice or medical treatment

If you are sick, just go to the doctor.If you want to change your diet, for example, go to a dietitian.If you want to lose weight, consult your doctor first and do not rely on Google.

– Do not look for advice or serious guide on personal finance and stock market on Google:

Like health, personal finance is unique to everyone. There can be no single investment plan that makes everyone rich, so avoid taking tips from Google search results while investing.

– Don't look for government websites on Google because they are easy scam targets

Such as banking sites, government sites, hospitals, etc. are key targets for scammers, since it's difficult to identify the original website.

– Do not search e-commerce sites or offers on Google

Fake web pages of alleged offers on e-commerce sites have flooded Google search, another classic scam, where people are attracted by attracting fake deals to steal login details for online banking.

Don't look for pornographic images or anything that might embarrass you later on Google

We all know how Google ads work.

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