Necessary to seek emotional well-being | Baby boomers

After the increase in positive cases for covid-19 and the arrival of the omicron variant, the mental health of citizens continues to be disrupted.

“Sadness, fear and anxiety are the order of the day. Especially for older adults who live alone and who relive the challenges of isolation in the face of the possibility of once again being estranged from their loved ones due to risks to their health ”, he told THE SPOKESMAN the psychologist Yashira Brito.

With this in mind, Brito made a call to eat properly, stay active, sleep well and not be saturated with information.

“Information overload is what causes stress and anxiety, which in turn translates into alterations in the immune system and has a direct impact on health. At this point, what is recommended is to seek physical and mental well-being. So, although staying informed of daily events is necessary, when it begins to disturb the emotional aspect it requires stopping and getting involved in other activities. It is not about staying alienated, but being informed from reliable sources and lowering the consumption of negative propaganda, “said the president and founder of Psiconatural, a center for therapies in contact with nature.

Likewise, the psychologist – with more than a decade of experience in the field of mental health – suggested creating a routine parallel to the reality we face to avoid the chain reaction of anxiety: sedentary lifestyle, changes in sleep patterns and ailments physical

Doing outdoor recreational activities, physical activity, and gardening help lower anxiety levels.

As an alternative, he urged to maintain both the schedules and the activities that are usually done, as long as they do not require exposure.

“Practice cognitive activities (reading, writing, doing crosswords or painting) in the open air —whether on the terrace, patio or garden—, do aerobics and stretching (within what your mobility allows), maintain good nutrition and take care of the pattern of sleep, they are essential ”, explained Brito.

“It is true that in recent years they have faced difficult situations but we must not anticipate. It is better to use previous experiences that are positive. For example, recall how you managed to cope with previous difficulties and control your emotions to use them in the present. Fear will always exist, anxiety will always appear before the feeling of confinement and prohibition. However, you have to take care of yourself, stay calm and, more importantly, work with rational ideas ”, he specified.

With regard to older people who live alone, Brito recommends resorting to support mechanisms or tools to keep the emotional aspect stable.

“Whether it’s identifying a neighbor who can help you do your shopping, pick up medicine, or be on the lookout for any difficulties. Even to achieve communication with family members and that they do not feel estranged from their family. Many older adults have already become familiar with the digital tools available, but if they have not, it is time to return to it. Talk to a close friend or neighbor who can guide or help you get there. It is important not to lose the routine, to adapt to the times so as not to feel a radical physical isolation and that at all times – no matter what is happening – humor and positivism is preserved. It is a mechanism to face anguish ”, he concluded.



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