nearly a billion shellfish have “grilled” in the heat

The heat dome has killed almost a billion shellfish in Canada. They cooked on the rocks

Nearly a billion mussels, clams, starfish and other shellfish and crustaceans have died in Canada. The Salish Sea, which borders the state of Washington (United States) and the province of British Columbia (Canada), has been the scene of a sad spectacle in recent days. According to University of British Columbia marine biologist Christopher Harley, interviewed by CNN the heat wave is “a disaster” for these animals who have literally “grilled” in the heat.

The threatened ecosystem

The animals clinging to the rocks could not withstand the 49.6 degrees that were reached in Vancouver two weeks ago. The scientist discovered a carpet of rotting shells and crustaceans on the rocks. “These animals can endure high temperatures for short periods of time, but when the heat combines with the low tide, they get stranded on rocks in full sun while waiting for the water to return,” said Christopher Harley.

He also warned about the multiplication of heat waves that endanger the ecosystem. If coastal animals disappear, other species for which they are used as food will be indirectly affected.

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