Near Mühleberg BE: Man is hit by several cars on the A1 and dies


Near Mühleberg BEMan is hit by several cars on the A1 and dies

On the A1 near Mühleberg, a man was hit by several cars on Sunday night and was fatally injured. The police are looking for witnesses.

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A man was hit by several cars on the A1 near Mühleberg.

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The police have started an investigation and are looking for witnesses.

The police have started an investigation and are looking for witnesses.

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The Bern canton police received several reports on Sunday night that a man had been hit by a car on the A1 motorway near Mühleberg. Only his death could be determined on site, according to the police.

According to statements, the man was on the road before colliding with a car driving in the direction of Bern. The man was then hit by other cars. There are indications of the identity of the deceased, a formal identification is still pending. The A1 in the direction of Bern had to be closed until the early hours of the morning between Kerzers (Canton Freiburg) and Mühleberg.

The care team of the Canton of Bern was brought in to look after the people affected. In addition to several patrols and special services from the canton police, an ambulance team, members of the professional fire brigade from Bern Protection and Rescue and the canton police in Freiburg were deployed. The police have started the investigation and are looking for witnesses.

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