NBA star Lou Williams faces quarantine over a strip club visit

Lou Williams plays for the Los Angeles Clippers in the NBA

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Basketball professional Lou Williams faces a forced quarantine. According to US media reports, the NBA is now investigating him for a visit to a strip club.

The rules are strict, very strict.

Licking your fingers is prohibited during games and training. Pool noodles may not be passed on. And: after each deck of cards, the deck must be thrown away.

The NBA’s hygiene manual is 113 pages long. The biggest basketball league in the world leaves nothing to chance for the restart of the season. The game was paused for more than four months due to the corona virus. It starts again on Thursday – screened off at the Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando, Florida.

Die “Bubble” (Deutsch: Bubble) the terrain is therefore also called. Players are only allowed to leave the bubble with permission from the league. Otherwise, the professionals have to be in a forced quarantine for ten to fourteen days. Lou Williams could now be the first player to face exactly that.

Lou Williams could miss NBA restart

The 33-year-old player from the favorite Los Angeles Clippers had received permission to leave the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. A close friend of his family had died. He was allowed to attend the funeral. However, Williams is said to have used the opportunity to visit a strip club afterwards.

According to an ESPN report, US rapper Jack Harlow posted a photo in his Instagram story that showed Williams when he visited the Magic City Gentlemen’s Club in Atlanta. The picture was quickly deleted. According to ESPN, Williams is said to have given the league officials the visit.

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Williams will definitely not get around the quarantine. After returning to quarantine for four days – including daily corona tests. However, if there is any doubt about the behavior of the professional, the quarantine can be extended by the league. This could be exactly the case with Lou Williams, with which he should miss the restart of the NBA.

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