NBA rumors: New York Knicks throw in the towel with Donovan Mitchell

As the days of the low season go by, it is less and less likely that Donovan Mitchell play next season at Madison Square Garden. According to NBA Rumors, negotiations between New York Knicks y Utah Jazz for the transfer of the star of the Salt Lake City franchise have stagnated dangerously in recent hours.

This has been advanced by the journalist and NBA insider for The Athletic, Shams Charania, in one of his most recent reports. The Knicks have thrown in the towel after offering several trade packages (all rejected). The pretensions of the Jazz are based on getting all the possible first rounds of the Draft, and the refusal to ‘trade’ for RJ Barrett.

Barrett was the best roster asset New York had to offer Utah. His little interest in taking over the escort is based on the objective of bringing Mitchell together with Jalen Brunson, and that the two signings were in charge of leading the outside game of the Big Apple franchise in the long-term future of the NBA .

Right now, no suitors for the Utah Jazz star

Based on this information, there currently doesn’t seem to be any team especially focused on trading for Donovan Mitchell. Miami Heat was the other great rival of the Knicks, but those from Florida have finally decided to compete next season with their current squad, also distancing themselves from the race for Kevin Durant.



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