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What an amazing night in the NBA Playoffs!

First champion Milwaukee Bucks flies out in the 7th game against the Boston Celtics (status of the best-of-seven series: 3: 4). Then the season is over shortly afterwards for runner-up Phoenix Suns. Last year’s finalist (the best team of the regular season!) also gets a real smack in Game 7 against the Dallas Mavericks with a difference of more than 30 points (score: 3:4).


The Mavs now play the Golden State Warriors in the West Finals, and the Celtics play the Miami Heat in the East Finals.


What is he doing there?
Rooney appeared on the Berlin soccer field!

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Phoenix Suns — Dallas Mavericks 90:123

Dream start for the Mavs! Luka Doncic is incredibly powerful. After the first quarter it’s 27:17 for the guests from Texas.

Insanity: The Suns are also completely beside themselves in the second quarter. The Mavericks go into the break 57-27 — a 30-point lead!

One must not be missing: Mavericks legend Dirk Nowitzki is sitting in the hall in a blue club shirt and gray jeans and is happy. Understandable!

What a disassembly! Doncic and Co. lead 92:50 after the third quarter. Ninety-two to fifty!


In the fourth quarter, Doncic is already rested for the conference final. The first game against the Warriors takes place on Tuesday night at 3 a.m.

Boston Celtics — Milwaukee Bucks 109:81

What a debacle for the defending champion! The Bucks don’t stand a chance.

The reasons:

  • Bucks megastar Giannis Antetokounmpo totally breaks down in the second half, looks tired – and forgives even the lightest things. A total failure! That was GIANNIX!
  • Without the injured Khris Middleton by his side, Giannis was left to carry the Bucks alone. Eventually the power just went away. Still, he’s the first player in NBA history to have 200+ points, 100+ rebounds and 50+ assists in a streak.
  • The Celtics shine with a strong team performance! The whole package is right there. Above all, of course, superstar Jason Tatum and defense monster Marcus Smart. But role players like Grant Williams also surpass themselves.
  • Boston is the best team in 2022. After the horror start and trouble between the stars Tatum and Smart. But after that, the Celtics pulled themselves together and “swept” the Brooklyn Nets in the first round of the playoffs and are now knocking out the champions.

Celtics coach Ime Udoka before the duel with Miami: “It’s NO coincidence that we’re in the Conference Finals!” In Boston, the fans are freaking out, chanting “Beat the Heat!” all night long.

Game 1 takes place in Miami on Tuesday night (2:30 a.m.).

German fans can follow all games live with the NBA League Pass (EUR 24.99 per month) and selected games with DAZN.


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