NBA PlayOffs 2022: The rebirth of the dynasties of the Boston Celtics – Golden State Warriors

The history of the NBA is about winners and the rest – almost like the universal one. Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant or Bill Russell fill their pages with gold jewelry. This is how legends are built in the form of franchises that dominate the record and the game. In the history, the Boston Celtics are the kings -along with the Lakers-. In recent times, the Golden State Warriors changed the way of understanding the sport of the basket. Curiously, they are measured in the final of 2022. And not so coincidentally, after a little away from comfort.

They are dynasties that have been reborn after the Bay team’s 4-1 loss to Doncic’s Mavs and the 4-3 loss from Boston to Miami. With determining styles and ‘house brands’. The rhythm and the sharpshooters of the Warriors or the defense and the ‘Jay’s’, Brown and Tatum, in Boston. And a crossing of being in the NBA again, the league with the most influence of individual talent in the world of sports.

The Warriors win the West, qualify for the NBA Finals and eliminate Doncic

Who was going to tell the Celtics that would take 12 years to return to a final? The giants, champions in 2008 and finalists in 2010 with a single team, Pierce, Garnett, Rondo or Allen. They lived through a time of reconstruction, megatransfers and doubts with their stars. Finally, the defense and magic of the Garden leads a talented team to the most important port: the one that leads to the champion’s ring.

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or to the Warriors. After dominating with an iron fist between 2015 and 2019 -three rings and two finals- see how his team bled to death. Curry and Klay Thompson were injured, Kevin Durant was leaving, and the supporting players were no longer stellar. Steve Kerr and his men, alone against the danger. Well, two irregular courses later they transformed the work in the draft and the return of the ‘Splash Brothers’ into successes and favoritism. The return of one of the best teams in NBA history.

from last to first

The Golden State Warriors have gone from heaven to hell and back to heaven in three seasons. They reached the NBA Finals in 2018-19. The following course was ‘black’, as they ended up closing the West classification after a course marked by injuries. The 2020-21 season served them to touch the Playoffs -they fell in the Play-In against the Lakers-. And they return to a final. The only ones in history.

How is a dynasty reborn?

But nothing is a coincidence and the NBA is that league in which, although there is performance, history does not help you. It instills respect and motivation, but that’s it. Warriors and Celtics are signature teams, with concepts brought to perfection and that have reigned in an NBA marked by physical wear and tear.

Top 5 NBA: Jaylen Brown melts Miami with an astonishing dunk that could define the series

Starting with the defense of the two teams. Well, for example the Warriors do not allow more than one 40% shooting from the field when defending Green or Curry. Or the offensive intensity, with masterful quarters like the one between Boston and Miami in the fourth game, the distribution of the ball and the stars, Jayson Tatum or Stephen Curry.

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Thus, for a ring, two legendary dynasts will fight and have one more dance. Those who history always venerates, but who have had to build a team with character and champion abilities. Of those that have no equal and now return to visit their favorite jeweler.



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