NBA, news and rumors: Atlanta Hawks still keen on Gobert

The Atlanta Hawks want to improve their defense, so it’s almost logical that the franchise is probably dealing with Rudy Gobert. The Indiana Pacers, on the other hand, continue to work on their rebuild.

Here are the latest rumors from the NBA.

NBA rumours: Atlanta still keen on Rudy Gobert?

Like Jake Fisher (Bleacher Report) reported, the Hawks should continue to be interested in the French. In general, with the exception of Trae Young, no player is said to be safe. A possible trade for Gobert could be a combination of Clint Capela, John Collins, Kevin Huerter and the 16th pick in the upcoming draft.

On the other hand, De’Andre Hunter, who, according to Fischer’s information, will receive a new contract this summer, will not be involved. The Forward can sign an early contract extension from July 1st.

With Collins, on the other hand, the signs are goodbye. The Big Man only signed a five-year, $125 million contract in the summer of 2021, but is said to have been offered by the Hawks in the league. According to Fischer, Collins is an issue in Portland, who will hold the 7th pick in the upcoming draft and want to improve their team around Damian Lillard immediately. Should Atlanta be able to trade up in the draft, G-League guard Dyson Daniels is Atlanta’s stated goal.

NBA rumours: Indiana sell-off looming

While Atlanta and Portland are striving to get higher, the Indiana Pacers are in the process of rebuilding after what feels like an eternity. And that doesn’t seem to be over yet, the Pacers will have numerous talks before the draft, especially about veterans Myles Turner and Malcolm Brogdon.

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Turner’s contract (18 million left) expires in 2023, according to Marc Stein (Substack) but there are no talks about a possible contract extension. Instead, the Charlotte Hornets are still looking for a center, the rumor about Turner in the Queen City has persisted for years. At the same time, the Hornets are probably open to giving up their 15th pick in the draft. Fischer also names the Toronto Raptors and the New York Knicks as other prospects for Turner.

New York not only has its eye on Turner, but also on Brogdon. The Knicks are reportedly looking for a guard, with hopes of Mavs point guard Jalen Brunson slowly fading. Another scenario would be to trade up the draft of 11 to secure Purdue guard Jaden Ivey.

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NBA Draft: Will Mavs give up their pick?

According to Fischer, the Dallas Mavericks have no interest in trading up from 26, instead the Texans probably want to give up their pick because the squad is already expensive enough. The same applies to the Golden State Warriors, who will draft at position 28.

Instead, both franchises would rather trade their current picks for future pick rights. As a further scenario, Fischer mentions the possibility that Dallas or Golden State could draft international players and not bring them to America for the time being.



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