NBA: Huge brawl in Hornets win over Orlando Magic – US sports

When giants freak out…

Violent scenes in the 128:101 victory of the Charlotte Hornets against the Orlando Magic in the NBA.

What happened? There are still 7:45 minutes to play in the last quarter, the Hornets are clearly ahead 108:83 and the encounter could actually go on until the final whistle – but then everything turns out very differently.

Hornets player Jalen McDaniels commits a normal foul and the pitch suddenly escalates. Pushing, pack formation, even fists fly. The giants are hard to tame.

After the referees have interrupted the game, they look at the scenes on the video monitors for ten minutes to identify the triggers of the beating scandal. Then they send the Hornets pros Robin Lopez and Admiral Schofield early to the dressing room, and the game also ended early for Montrezl Harrell from Charlotte.

Nice for the Hornets: With the win, they have a place in the NBA playoffs for sure.

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