NBA Finals 2022: A galctic Curry submits Boston and ties the final

ESometimes you have to resort to magic. To those players from another galaxy, nicos. The Golden State Warriors tied the NBA Finals with a lesson from their most diligent student in magic and sorcery.. Stephen Curry (29 + 6 + 4 + 3) took the wand and prevented the Boston Celtics from leaving the Bay more grown in their goal. With a beating and a feeling of superiority after a portentous third quarter. With a festival of rhythm, variations and condemning the worst possible Celtics. By way of chloroform (107-88).

Stephen Curry leads the Warriors and is Boston’s nightmare

Because if Boston had a plan, it was going to defend and support its stars. In ‘Game 2’, he fell. Jayson Tatum (correct) was very lonely after the break, and the Warriors activated the crusher. One, in which Curry was weapon, condition and conditioner. One in which the magic of the Warriors lies.

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Although it was not an easy thing. The game started with the best start for the Celtics. More intense on defense, limiting the Warriors’ outside play during the start. Only the first shot, by Andrew Wiggins, was a clear demonstration of local intentions. Everything else was with Curry looking for solutions close to painting. Not an easy thing. Thus, in that context Boston grew. Jaylen Brown started very involved and managed to get a good lead (16-9, minute 7).

Golden State looked to react, but was met with a pretty remarkable offensive collapse. From the outside, zero. Klay Thompson, null except for a good jump shot. Conclusion, in tow of some plugged-in Celtics. With his same medicine as always. Distribution of the ball and take advantage of the man alone after the inefficient two for one of Golden State. Those, do not break up the match due to a clear lack of defensive attitude. Those of the Bay found there hooking.

And not in any way, because the Celtics added losses and fouls to that little defense. From players like Brown, Tatum and Grant Williams. And lose the ball in transition. The Warriors saw the opportunity and uncovered their jar of essences at the end of the first period. Triples, by Curry, Payton and Poole, plus a brilliant ’30’ at the buzzer of the first put them ahead (31-30, first quarter).

Jordan Poole is missing

That brilliant end of the first quarter was not going to continue in the second. It will be a disaster of departure, with failures everywhere. From the shot to the pass. On the local side, Jordan Poole did not know how to direct and chained failures and faults. A disaster. The Celtics took advantage of it, with an immense Derrick White. Again, smart direction to find baskets doubling in the paint, in suspension and even triple (40-35, min 17).

Poole went straight to the bench, and Curry came in. With one obligation: get Golden State involved. Said and done, because he added five quick points. ‘Tied-game’. To this, his Warriors added that Jaylen Brown suffered a blackout with failure after failure -both alone and defended-, and the distribution of the ball from the Bay with the ’30‘ as ‘Sheriff’ turned the score around (45-40, 16′). It will not serve to break, because the Celtics’ character show came with Tatum as a hoarder. Also, the Warriors were still out of tune. At the break, minimal difference in favor of the local side (52-50) in a festival of inaccuracies.

The Celtics do not wake up

When it’s a game like this, mistakes are the norm and there’s a team like the Warriors involved, the Celtics knew they couldn’t let them survive. But restarts are not their thing, and they fell asleep. Losses, without great defense and activating rivals leaving them alone. As Klay Thompson’s first triple released (59-52). It was break time, the Warriors’ third-quarter classic.

16-6 partial in six minutes of the third quarter. Without many triples, but dominating the area and Curry as a different player (68-56). Delicate moment that was not going to have a visitor response. Williams and Tatum tried it with three triples, but the answer was even more blunt. Two galactic triples by Curry executed Boston. And as if that were not enough, Jordan Poole appeared with genius. Among them, a shot from the center of the field on the buzzer. 87-64, there was no game.

And if there was no game, the last quarter was not going to have a story. The Celtics left everything. They lowered their arms and made mistakes to the joy of the Chase Center. The rush of the Warriors had sent them to the canvas. By way of chloroform, if we were in boxing. Because the Warriors were full-court pace and intention.

An overwhelming victory despite the final 19 rent. Which shows that the Warriors have pace and an indefensible player, Stephen Curry. Harsh response to the Boston Celtics, who take the home court factor but do not leave with the joy they want. There is a lot of NBA finals.

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