NBA All-Star Game – update on votes in the West: LeBron James picks up Stephen Curry, the King captain in Cleveland?

Watch out, big battle ahead! This Thursday, the NBA unveiled the latest voting results for the next Cleveland All-Star Game. And while Stephen Curry led the dance seven days ago, he now sees a certain LeBron James coming back in force. Come on, after the Eastern Conference, we take stock of the votes in the West.

LeBron James vs Stephen Curry, the King vs the Baby Faced Killer. These two have often been quoted in the same sentence, they have often shared the light, they have known great battles on the most beautiful of stages. Now, they find themselves in a fierce fight for first place in the voting rankings for the All-Star Game 2022, first place synonymous with captaincy of course. We imagine that BronBron would like to finish first knowing that the next all-star game will take place in his native Ohio and in the room where he shone so much in the Cavaliers jersey. A great moment in perspective and the LeBron Army is doing everything possible to dethrone the Curry Nation in this fight which opposes two of the most important fanbases at the individual level. In the first comeback last Thursday, Steph was pretty well ahead with 2,584,623 votes, compared to James’ 2,018,725. Today ? It’s not really the same story anymore. Admittedly, Steph is still in front with 4,463,426 votes on January 13, but the King arrives like a locomotive with no less than 4,386,392 votes. Clearly, this is being played out by a hair’s breadth (but not by LeBron) and something tells us these two are going to go blow for blow until the end of the votes in about ten days.

Behind the two untouchables, we find very logically Nikola Jokic (3,016,380), perhaps underestimated in the race for the MVP but very present in that of the All-Star Game. Behind the Joker – be careful, it’s epic – we find… Andrew Wiggins (1,829,733), third in the frontcourt after dislodging injured Paul George. No, there is no joke in that sentence. But if you can’t imagine Wiggins winning an all-star game (and we understand you, despite the guy’s good season), don’t forget that fan votes only count for 50% of the final vote, players and the media also having their say (25% each). Otherwise, in the backcourt behind Steph, we wondered if Ja Morant was going to release Luka Doncic following the madness made recently and the big series of victories of the Grizzlies. The answer is a big yes! Morant actually takes second place (1,633,313) ahead of Luka and we want to say that it is well deserved. Other than that, we have Russell Westbrook who has made a big leap forward – all good – while our national Rudy Gobert remains in ninth place among frontcourt players. More generally, we note that there is no new face in the Top 20 of the West compared to last Thursday. Obviously, Brandon Ingram, Dejounte Murray or Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, it’s chicken.

That’s it for the little special Western Conference checkpoint. See you now next Thursday for a new report, just a few days before the deadline for votes, scheduled for January 23. So if you still want to send your favorite to Cleveland, now is the time!

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