Natural gas discovery comment from Minister Dönmez: It will meet our 10-year needs


Energy and Natural Resources Minister Fatih Dönmez evaluated a new natural gas discovery of 135 billion cubic meters, announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at the Filyos Port Opening and Natural Gas Processing Facilities Groundbreaking Ceremony, on CNN Türk screens.


Minister Dönmez said, “Our Fatih Drilling Ship has made a new natural gas discovery of 135 billion cubic meters in Amasra 1 well in Sakarya Gas Field. Our Fatih Drilling Ship started working in this region exactly 1 year ago. It made its third major discovery within 1 year. Today We have added another 135 billion cubic meters. We have an annual average natural gas consumption of 45-50 billion. When we look at it, it seems to meet our needs for over 10 years. Calculations and projections reveal that the cost of the gas to be produced here will be much cheaper than the imported gas. This gas will come to Turkey, it will be connected to the system. With its connection to the system, calculations will be made, if a reduction is required. There is no maximum production in the first stage. It will reach the maximum level in 4-5 years. white. The daily production amount we plan for 2023 is around 10 million cubic meters. When we reach the maximum level, this figure can reach 15-20 billion cubic meters.

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