National offer via DAB+ further expanded

With the commissioning of a new national network for DAB+, the range in the digital airwaves has been further expanded.

Layer 7

In June of last year, the Telecom Agency auctioned twelve licenses for a new national DAB+ network. Talpa, Qmusic and Kink then each obtained three permits. Sublime, Radio Maria and Terrestial BV (RadioCorp) have each obtained one license. Each license offers a capacity of 96 kbps. The network went on air Friday afternoon.


The following radio stations can be listened to via the network that broadcasts on channel 9C (206.352 MHz):

  • 538 Classics (Talpa/80 kbps)
  • Joe 70s 80s (Qmusic / 96 kbps)
  • K-ROCK (Kink / 96 kbps)
  • KINK ALT ROCK (Kink / 96 kbps)
  • KINK CLASSICS (Kink /96 kbps)
  • Qmusic non-stop (Qmusic / 96 kbps)
  • Qmusic Top40 (Qmusic / 96 kbps)
  • Radio 10 80s (Capacity / 80 kbps)
  • Radio Maria (96 kbps)
  • Sky Nice & Easy (Talpa / 64 kbps)
  • SUBLIME CLX (Sublime / 96 kbps)
  • SUNLITE (Terrestial BV / 96 kbps)
  • Vintage Veronica (Talpa / 64 kbps)

Talpa has chosen to divide the capacity of three licenses over four radio stations, so that 538 Classics, Radio 10 80s, Sky Nice & Easy and Vintage Veronica are broadcast in a lower broadcast quality.

Network under construction

The network has not yet been fully delivered and will be further optimized in the coming period. Radio stations such as KINK, Radio Maria and SUNLITE can also be heard on other DAB+ networks for the time being. †The existing network will also remain in the air for a while during the transition period to ensure reception“, according to Radio Maria on its website.


By performing a new scan on the car radio or portable DAB+ radio, the new radio stations can be listened to. Manual tuning is also possible in many cases. Then the following data must be used: channel 9C or frequency 206.352 MHz (name: 9C Layer 7).

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