National Cheerleading Championship will be held in Ambato

National Cheerleading Championship will be held in Ambato

Skill. Cheerleading is a sport that requires balance.

Ambato Championship Cheer and Dance is the name of national cheerleading championship 2023 that this will be done Saturday May 27 in the coliseum La Salle Educational Unit, starting at 10:00.

Serán parte del evento.

Es el precio de la entrada para el público.

This event will have the participation of 45 Ecuadorian groups including schools, colleges, universities and professional clubs linked to this sport. The tournament is held again, after three years that it was not done due to the pandemic.


In this championship organized by HORSE Sport Company They will be present 800 athletes of Ecuador, in addition, has the international endorsement of the Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA), highest body of this sport worldwide.

“The championship is the highest benchmark in the country for cheerleading, in terms of judges we’re going to have international juries to ensure fairness in the results of this competition. Is the first national tournament that will take place after the pandemic and Ambato was chosen since we are in the center of the Ecuador and it is close to all the provinces,” he said. Daniel Peakmember of the organization of the event.

El deportista más destacado del campeonato nacional 
se llevará un premio económico de 100 dólares y será 
el jurado calificador el encargado de designarlo. 

Also, he mentioned that the Ambato Championship Cheer and Dance will have symbolic prizes and for the first time cheap so that the young athletes motivated to continue practicing this sport.

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“He championship will have four categories: interschool, intercollegiate, interuniversity and interclub, each of them on three different levels. The best cheer category will award 100 dollars to the best athlete of the event. Hint now it has this type of event, thanks to the popularity that athletes have gained in international tournaments”, concluded Pico.

He Saturday All teams must present themselves one hour in advance of the provisions of the official schedule to make a record and the teams that participate in the first instance can warm up. If not fulfilled, the judges They will have the power to penalize the participants.


The Santo Domingo Educational Unit has been prepared under the orders of the coach from Ambateña Belen Castillo and is one of favorite groups to take first place in the category interscholastic, since they accumulate a month of preparation with their group of 13 athletes.

“The team currently has 12 girls and a child. We’ve had about a month preparing the routine, because the tournament is quite strongBecause it is a team sport, all the girls need to have a clear routine. Our presentation will last of the minutesCastillo explained.

In addition, he emphasized that a sportsman who prepares for this type of event needs train at least five hours a week to develop the coordination of routines and choreography.

“For some girls it will be the first time they are in a competition of this level, but others already know what it is to participate in this. It should be mentioned that when you put together something cheerleading it requires a special time to work and the girls can show their best performance. We have worked two and a half hours on Saturdays and Sundays, which is why we hope to do things well and nicely to convince the qualifying jury“Castillo said. (JR)

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