Nathan Ngoy reacts to Standard split and talks about Aron Donnum's unexpected departure

Nathan Ngoy reacts to Standard split and talks about Aron Donnum's unexpected departure

Nathan Ngoy continues with Standard. The young central defender sees progress in the game of the Rouches, but the victory was not yet at the end this Saturday evening.

It’s even better than last week, but it’s still not enough. Standard played their best game of the start of the season, delivered a good first half, but shared the stake against RWDM.

“We are progressing. There are still small things to settle, but we played well collectively, against a good opponent. The next step is to win. We will continue to work as a team. We are trying to improve offensively, we is working on combinations and automation in training and we can see that it is starting to bear fruit.”

Before the match, several Standard supporters, in an organized and controlled manner, showed up at the academy to chat with the players. A positive conversation, according to Nathan Ngoy.

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“The coach said we don’t deserve to share. We must not be discouraged, we must continue. The fans came to talk to us before the game at the training center. It’s good that they are encouraging us and to know them behind us.”

On the opening of the score, the young central defender commits the fault and receives a yellow card. With such consequences, difficult to get back directly into his match. “You have to quickly turn the page in your head to stay professional. I had that in mind and the yellow card, but I managed well. That’s how it is, that’s football.”

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While the situation is already complicated, it is without their captain that the Rouches performed against RWDM. Aron Donnum’s departure to Toulouse surprised everyone in the locker room.

“We found out about that yesterday, a day before the game. Cihan did very well, we tried to build his confidence. He did a good job and I’m proud of him. Aron sent us a message today “Today he was busy with his transfer. He’s a good guy and I wish him the best” concluded Nathan Ngoy.

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