Nathalie Volk (24) is happily engaged. The model will marry the Hells Angels rocker Timur Akbulut (43). He’s not just innocent because of his gang acquaintances. In 2020 Akbulut was expelled from Germany after ten years in prison after he shot an enemy gang member in the head. The victim died, the rocker was convicted of manslaughter. Now Volk, who now calls herself Miranda Digrande, has given him her first interview.

At Akbulut’s side, she can finally be herself. “I was always under a lot of pressure and had to adapt to my partner before that,” she reveals in an interview with RTL. She renounced what she wanted herself. That has changed in the meantime: “Now I also put on more clothes that I also feel comfortable in.” She did not find the style of clothing that she wore when she was still with Frank Otto (64) in accordance with her age. “I was in my early twenties and sometimes looked like a grandma,” Volk recalls.

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