Elected Miss France in 1987, Nathalie Marquay was the first beauty queen elected live on television. An election called into question by Geneviève de Fontenay who has indeed made disturbing revelations on this subject. Invited in the show L’instant De Luxe this Monday, September 13, the former director of the Miss France committee attacked the wife of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, declaring that she did not deserve her title “Public opinion had voted for a Réunionese but whoever sorted the votes at the time at Europe 1 was not doing it, so it ended up being her, but it must have been Miss Reunion!”

To confirm her shocking remarks, Geneviève de Fontenay then explained the situation, “We didn’t understand! We waited for the result and she was lucky! I don’t know how the rigging came about, but since it was the Miss’s first television show, they didn’t want to make a fuss. . That’s how it happened! It’s the truth. “. Very disturbing revelations which had never resurfaced until then, and which may therefore make a lot of noise …

Jean-Pierre Pernaut interested in the Miss

After her revelations concerning the election of Nathalie Marquay, the famous woman with the hat gave her clear opinion on the couple formed by Jean-Pierre Pernaut and his wife, “Jean-Pierre Pernaut I have the impression that he bought the Miss France scarf above all! Nathalie Marquay has no valid brain. It’s too serious a miss never spoke to me like that, she has nothing in his head! It’s not Jean-Pierre’s style that’s for sure! He’s a talented man and that proves that it’s the scarf that attracts! “… What really ignites the powder!

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