Natalya Shturm offered Chaliapin to return the property to his wife’s parents

According to the singer, this property will not bring him anything good, so you should not take such a sin on your soul.

Photo source: personal page on Instagram

According to Rambler.Novosti, it was Natalya Shturm who proposed to Prokhor Chaliapin two years ago to persuade Tatyana Davis to invest in real estate in Moscow, or rather, to give him an apartment. True, everything happened a little differently. Tatiana not only bought an apartment for her lover, but also acquired several more at the construction stage. It is these apartments that Prokhor is going to keep for himself, and Natalya offers to sell them, leaving only the difference from the sale. The main amount from the sale Sturm proposes to give to Davis’s parents, who themselves will decide what to do with the money received.

Photo source: personal page on Instagram

The assault does not exclude the possibility that the parents of the deceased business woman will give up the property, suggesting that the son-in-law keep the apartment for himself. Be that as it may, according to Natalia, Chaliapin will spoil his karma if he personally declares his rights to this housing.

Photo source: Yandex pictures

We will remind, in marriage, Prokhor Chaliapin and Tatiana Davis spent only a month, most of which she spent in the hospital in a medical coma. She never managed to get out of the coma.


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