The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) convenes the student community that is formed in the scientific area to participate in the “Challenge of Innovative and Revolutionary Ideas” (BIG) 2021, a competition on design and engineering, in which the winners will receive prizes valued from $ 50,000 to $ 180,000.

The objective of the US agency’s call is to support the work that has already been done by the Game Change Development Program (GCD), in charge of space technology, through innovative proposals that strengthen the planning of future NASA missions.

The call 2021 BIG Idea Challenge, which is open from July 22, seeks the cooperation of teams made up of five to 25 students to develop different designs that help dust mitigation in the short term, or failing dust tolerant to be tested at the South Pole of the moon.

Participants will need to be affiliated with “Space Grant,” a program of 52 universities based in the United States, where research related to outer space is conducted. Those interested can register until September 25 and will have until December 13, as the deadline to deliver their proposals.

Organizations sponsoring the contest are NASA, the Space Technology Mission Directorate (Game Change Development Program) and the STEM Participation Office (Space Grant Consortium), such as the National Aerospace Institute (NIA).