New findings from Mars: NASA rover finds evidence of dry sea

Current images from the NASA rover “Perseverance” provide evidence that there was once a lake on Mars. The recordings now become the basis for the search for evidence of past life on the red planet.

In February, the NASA rover “Perseverance” landed on Mars. Just a few months after his arrival, his recordings contributed to solving a great mystery: water once flowed on the red planet. The Jezero crater, now completely dried up, was a lake 3.7 billion years ago that was fed by a small river. The recordings and the accompanying study were published in the journal Science.

“There isn’t a drop of water anywhere, and yet here we have evidence of a very different past. Something very profound has happened in the history of the planet, ”says planetologist Benjamin Weiss, who was involved in the study.

The recordings also show the experts that the lake must have been flooded. The pictures are a big step for science: The experts suspect that sediments from the former lake could contain traces of earlier life in the water. The Nasa rover is also supposed to collect soil samples. (chm)

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