Specifically, he collected from the Martian surface soil a crystal of olivine, which is a semi-precious stone composed of iron, magnesium, silicon and oxygen.

The mineral is olive green (from which it gets its name), which due to its resistance to high temperatures is usually used in jewelry (called peridot in gem quality), but it also has industrial applications in metallurgy processes.

Olivine is not common in surface of our planet, this can be found to a greater extent in the upper mantle of the Earth (it crystallizes at approximately 70 kilometers deep).

However, various pieces of this stone are scattered during volcanic eruptions, similar to what happens with diamond.

This third sampling of the Martian soil is intended to obtain more geological information about the red planet.

NASA did not report further details about the finding, it is known that Perseverance is analyzing the Jezero crater, where they suspect the presence of ice.

The first harvest of the robot resulted in a rock that it was decided to call Rochette; However, this sample collected in September was too pulverized to be studied, it was in the second sampling attempt that a significant sample was collected that will be returned to Earth in the future.

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