NASA plans to send nudes into space to attract aliens

Although they sound preposterous, the project of the American space agency seeks establish communication with beings that live outside our planet through digitized photographs with human forms, along with a double helix DNA structure and an object that falls in a downward direction to symbolize gravity on Earth.


The position of the drawings will be as if they were greeting and in this way send a message to the possible civilizations that are in space. “They are waving in an attempt to appear more attractive”, indicated the authors of the investigation on a way to establish contact.

Regarding the nudity in the images, the scientists consigned Republic World that “is one of the most important parts of the message, since a physical representation of the senders of a cosmic message would certainly be of great interest.”

In addition to these drawings, NASA also worked on the representations of the solar system, as well as the structures of DNA.

The message goes on to describe our host star and its planetary system in the Milky Way with a map of the Solar System. Although the concept of mathematics in human terms is potentially unrecognizable to extraterrestrial intelligence, the binary is likely to be universal across all intelligences.”

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